Pakistan Cables 7/.029 250/440 V

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Energize Your Electrical Projects: Pakistan Cables 7/.029 (250/440V) Copper Wiring

Upgrade your electrical installations with the dependable performance of Pakistan Cables 7/.029 (250/440V) copper wiring! This high-quality solution caters to both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts, offering the perfect choice for various electrical applications, including:

  • House Wiring: Ideal for powering lights and appliances in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Office Wiring: Ensures smooth operation of electronic equipment in your workspace.
  • Commercial Buildings: Provides reliable wiring for diverse electrical needs.

Unmatched Quality and Safety:

  • 7-Strand Bare Copper Conductor: This Pakistan Cables offering features a 7-strand bare copper conductor, ensuring exceptional conductivity for efficient current flow throughout your circuits. The use of pure copper guarantees long-lasting performance and dependable service.
  • PVC Insulation: Encased in a robust PVC insulation layer, this wire offers superior protection against electrical hazards, moisture, and abrasion. This flame-retardant material provides an extra layer of safety for your electrical system, giving you peace of mind.

Optimum Performance and Convenience:

  • 250/440V Rating: With a versatile 250/440V rating, Pakistan Cables 7/.029 copper wiring seamlessly integrates with most household and commercial voltage requirements. This ensures compatibility for a wide range of electrical applications.
  • Finding the Right Cable Size: The 7/.029 in the product name refers to the wire gauge. A lower gauge number signifies a thicker wire capable of handling higher currents. Explore online resources like “cable size chart” or “3.29 wire in mm” to determine the most suitable wire gauge for your specific needs.
  • Trusted Pakistani Brand: Manufactured by Pakistan Cables, a leading name in the country, this 7/.029 copper wiring is built with top-grade materials and adheres to rigorous quality standards. You can be confident in the reliability and durability of this product.

Looking for top-rated copper wiring in Pakistan? Look no further than Pakistan Cables 7/.029 (250/440V)! Search online for “Pakistan Cables price list 2024” or “7.29 wire price in Pakistan” to find the best deals and elevate your electrical projects with confidence.

Here’s a quick guide to differentiate between cables and wires:

  • Cable vs. Wire: While often used interchangeably, cables typically contain multiple insulated wires bundled together. In contrast, a single insulated conductor is referred to as a wire. This Pakistan Cables offering, with its single conductor, would be categorized as a wire for most household applications.

By understanding these factors and the specifications of Pakistan Cables 7/.029 (250/440V) copper wiring, you can make an informed decision to power up your electrical projects effectively!


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