Replacement Instructions:

The item must have been purchased from; if it was obtained from a physical store or another online partner, the consumer must make a claim for a replacement through the original retailer.

The object must be undamaged and unopened. It must contain all shipping equipment and packaging materials. Any certificates, guides, warranty cards, labels or tags, etc. are included in this.

For claims of damage, each item must be examined. This can be accomplished by sending an onsite inspection team or by recalling the product back to the manufacturer. The company will not accept a refund or replacement if the goods has been mishandled after shipment or destroyed during installation. If the customer’s claim is confirmed, they will receive a replacement goods or unit.

if the product is not physically harmed but is not functioning as it should. The ehsantraders team will inspect the item. In the unlikely event that the product has a flaw, the technician will either replace the flawed component or, if necessary, approve the replacement. Please see our warranty and claims section for additional details on this.

Contact your local branch or regional office by using the Find Us link, or speak with customer service representatives by calling 03369299829

When will a product replacement be available?

To guarantee that all orders are sent in acceptable conditions (including packaging and protection), employs a utilizes quality control process. However, if there is an accident or the product fails,gets damaged while shipping After verifying the claim, ehsantraders will replace the merchandise for the consumer. This holds true for every item offered on ehsantraders.

How does one go about getting a replacement?

Within seven days of delivery, a customer may ask for a replacement. The consumer must contact our customer care at 0336 9299829 to request a replacement and provide information about the defective item, the invoice number, the delivery tracking code, and the item batch number (which is listed on the invoice).

How long will it take me to receive a replacement?

It is advised that the consumer also take photographic proof of any damaged packaging and forward it to 03369299829 for assistance. The item will be gathered and forwarded to the head once the request has been submitted to the inspection office A new product from ehsantraders will be supplied to the user if the item complies with the replacement criteria.

For how long does a return need to be validated?

Once the replacement request has been approved, the typical shipping time will be used to bring you the new item. Delivery typically takes 5-7 days.

To clear a product, the ehsantraders  quality assurance staff needs two working days. Following completion, the customer receives an email containing the verification’s findings. If the replacement request is not approved, the customer is notified via email with a list of the reasons why,

Note: will make two tries to deliver the returned item; in the event that neither attempt is successful, the customer must pick up the item in person at the head office.